What is Beanstack?

Beanstack is a tool to record your reading and also get involved in Franklin County’s Get Outdoors program. By keeping track of your reading and activities on Beanstack, you can then get rewards and participate in raffles to earn prizes.

How do you get access Beanstack?

You can start using Beanstack by going to the website fclspa.beanstack.org (Franklin County) or fultoncountylibrary.beanstack.com (Fulton County), whichever is your home county. You can also download the app on your phone, just search for Beanstack in the app store, and once downloaded search for Franklin County Public Library (PA) or Fulton County Library (PA).

What is the Get Outdoors (GO) program in Franklin County?

Get Outdoors (GO) Franklin! has returned for a second year to encourage Franklin County residents to read and be physically active during the summer months. This summer WellSpan and Franklin County Library System are excited to partner in encouraging you to Go and Chase Your Tale! You’ll search for the tails of fifteen different animals (wooden marker posts with a unique etching attached) that are hidden in local and state parks. Be sure to grab a Tail Trail Guide at your local FCLS branch to keep track of your progress. When you find the tail, enter the 4-digit code on the appropriate activity to earn your badge in Beanstack and mark it in your Tail Trail Guide to turn in at the end of the summer. For more information, visit your library or go to gofranklin.org.

How do I sign up in Beanstack for Summer Splash and/or Get Outdoors?

Signing up through the website? Scroll down to where it says Create an account. Click the button that applies to you, most likely Register an Individual or Family (Register a Class or Group are for schools, daycares, etc.). Then choose whether you are registering just yourself or if you are registering a child. Either way, enter your (the adult) contact information first. If you selected registering a child there is a section to include the child’s name, age and grade. Keep going if you want to add additional children. Then you can choose what challenges you want for each individual. Click here to watch a video on how to sign up through the website.

Signing up through the app? You will first have to choose what type of organization you are signing up for. Choose School, Library, or Bookstore. Then click Find a Site and search for your home county. Then click the sign up at the bottom of the next screen. Continue on as sign up by following the prompts.

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